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All the best spiritwear for Monument Academy

About Us

     Welcome to the Monument Academy Spirit Wear and Snack Fridays Store. The store has two purposes: to provide quality Lynx Pride clothing to our students and financial support to our teachers. The store is operated by the Monument Academy PTO. We are a non-profit organization and ALL proceeds from the sale of these items go directly to our wonderful teachers at Monument Academy. The Spirit Wear Coordinator and Snack Fridays Coordinator are strictly volunteer positions and we make decisions regarding designs and options based entirely on parental feedback and Administration’s suggestions.
This is your store so please feel free to leave suggestions or contact us at:
  • spiritwear@monumentacademy.net for Spirit Wear related questions/comments  
  • masnackfridays@gmail.com for Friday Snack questions/comments
To stay up to date on all things regarding the Spirit Wear Store and other PTO News like us on Facebook at  Monument Academy PTO and on Twitter at MAptoCO