2024 MA Summer Workbooks
Monument Academy West PTO

2024 MA Summer Workbooks

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MA PTO Summer Workbooks are the perfect answer for how to help your child retain what they learned this school year. Each workbook offers a thorough review of the grade just completed and is designed to prepare students for their next school year. Workbooks are $16 and we offer off-grade, math-only packets for $3 purchased separately. Don't let your child experience the summer slide, order your workbook today. Questions? Email masummerworkbooks@gmail.com.

Parents Please Read…

  1. Example, if your child is currently in 2nd Grade, please purchase the 2nd grade "going into" 3rd grade workbook.
  2. Grade-level Math IS included in all workbooks, you only need the Math Packet if your child is in a different level math. Math-only packet purchased separately. Ex. Current 3rd grade child is in 4th grade math. Check box to order “3rd going into 4th” workbook and separately order the “4th going into 5th” math-only packet.
  3. You must include your child’s name and teacher’s name to receive a book. If you are a new-to-MA family, welcome!, you will get an email when your packet is available to pickup at the front office.


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